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If you would like to host one or multiple classes using our Training Platform, we invite you to use our scheduling system to pick a class, day, and time that works for you and your group.

Below is our current list of classes. Please scroll through the list of our currently available Continuing Education or Personal Development courses.

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Our Most Popular Training Class

Marketing By Referral, a 2-hour CE course, merges Stop Wasting Handshakes and Cultivating your Sphere of Influence. Emphasizing strategic connections, it unveils the "8 Step Follow Through System," providing insights into time-based follow-through benefits and the 25 most impactful marketing tools. The course addresses networking challenges, guiding participants in building a sphere and optimizing CRM for effective database management.

Marketing By Referral

Series: Follow Through, Networking, Marketing, and Business Development Classes.

For: Realtors® and Business Professionals

Screenshot 2023-12-08 at 2.32.45 PM.png

We go through the unique principles of building a "By Referral" based business where we go through a strategic approach to connecting with people rather than communicating with them.

Screenshot 2023-12-08 at 2.33.08 PM.png

During this class, we will cover how Realtors can use Guerilla Marketing to build solid relationships to build a solid and lasting business. We will cover the difference between traditional and guerrilla marketing


Pathway to Master - Essentials

Developed by industry legend Brian Buffini, The Pathway to Mastery is the most comprehensive, in-depth training program ever created for the real estate industry.

Series: Real Estate Finance
For: Realtors®, CPAs, CFPs, and Financial Advisors

These courses have been approved for real estate agent continuing education (CE) in the Texas. Approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission – CE Provider #10155. Company: Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist.

Approved for Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) continuing education credit. CFP® and Certified Financial Planner® are registered trademarks of the CFP® Board of Standards. These presentations are also approved nationwide for CPA continuing education through the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA).

Mortgage and Real Estate Taxation.webp

You’ll walk away with a much better understanding of how mortgage and real estate taxation impacts you and your clients.

Mortgage Math.webp

There are nearly 80 million “millennials” in the US who will represent more than one in five homebuyers over the next five years.

Cash Flow Planning for RE.webp

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), investors currently represent 20% of the buyers in the housing market.

Series: Social Media & Technology Classes
For: Realtors® & Business Professionals

30 Day.png

The 30-Day Content Plan equips real estate agents with tools for successful content marketing. It covers targeting ideal clients, creating keyword-rich articles, building relationships with bloggers, optimizing Google My Business profiles, and crafting unique branded content, streamlining the marketing process.


Participants will learn to use AI to enhance their real estate business by creating engaging listings, responding to inquiries, and generating valuable content. The course covers ethical guidelines, transparency, and data privacy, empowering agents to improve marketing and client interactions.

Technology Tools.png

The 30-Day Content Plan equips real estate agents with the knowledge and tools for successful content marketing. Addressing time constraints and lack of expertise, this course covers targeting ideal clients, creating keyword-rich articles, building blogger relationships, optimizing Google My Business profiles, and crafting unique content.


Elevate your real estate business with our Continuing Education class on YouTube. Learn to harness this platform for brand building, lead generation, and business growth. Gain insights on targeting audiences, video tools, compelling content, and optimization techniques. Secure your spot today!

Series: Real Estate Essentials
For: Realtors®

Balance Your Life.png

Balance Your Life is a transformative 2-hour class for real estate agents, providing essential tools and strategies to achieve personal and professional balance. This class helps agents excel in their careers while fostering holistic well-being.


Learn essential strategies to protect your and your clients' identities. This course covers secure access, verification processes, and practical tips for ensuring privacy and security in real estate transactions.


Learn about rising mortgage rates in our new class. Understand the Federal Reserve's influence, key economic reports, and the importance of interest rates for real estate. Gain insights to navigate changes and advise clients effectively. Enhance your expertise today!


In this comprehensive class, you'll gain a deep understanding of the key factors driving house price changes. Learn to interpret supply and demand elements, analyze demographic trends, and provide valuable market updates. Equip yourself with strategic insights for informed decision-making. Join us to become a market expert.

Property Taxes.png

Gain essential skills to challenge property tax assessments. Learn to understand the assessment process, review notices for errors, gather evidence and present persuasive appeals. Empower yourself and your clients to save on property taxes

100 Homes.png

Led by renowned expert Chad Goldwasser, this course offers strategies to develop a powerful mindset, generate leads, and optimize workflow. Learn to build strong teams, communicate effectively, and enhance your personal brand. Elevate your real estate career today!

Mid Term Rentals.png

Mid-term rentals offer the advantages of flexibility, increased rental income, reduced vacancy periods, lower tenant turnover, and appeal to the furnished rental market, making them a valuable option for both landlords and tenants.


Many clients think they need specific mortgage terms, but we offer "outside the box" lending products. Discussing various programs, including down payment assistance, Non-QM loans, TDHCA/TSHAC, bank statement, and investor cash flow programs. Learn flexible, tailored solutions for your clients.


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