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Mortgage Math Camp -
Cash Flow Planning for Millennials & First-time Homebuyers

There are nearly 80 million "millennials" in the US who will represent more than one in five homebuyers over the next five years.

TREC Education Provider License # 10155 | Course # 36295

There are nearly 80 million "millennials" in the US who will represent more than one in five homebuyers over the next five years. This workshop gives you an inside look into various cash flow planning techniques for this next generation of homebuyers.

Explore the dynamics of the real estate market and gain valuable insights into cash flow planning techniques tailored for the millennial generation, comprising nearly 80 million individuals in the US. As this demographic represents over one in five prospective homebuyers in the next five years, this 3-hour workshop is designed to provide an insider's perspective on empowering the next generation of homebuyers.

Workshop Highlights:

Market Update and First-Time Homebuyer Demographics:

Stay informed with a market update and delve into the demographics shaping today's first-time homebuyers.
Buy vs. Rent Analysis:

Learn how to conduct a comprehensive buy vs. rent analysis, aiding millennials in making informed decisions about homeownership.
Lender Evaluation Criteria:

Understand how lenders calculate income, assess liabilities, and determine debt-to-income ratios for potential homebuyers.
Asset Evaluation:

Gain insights into the factors lenders consider when evaluating the assets of prospective homebuyers.
Property (Collateral) Assessment:

Explore the criteria lenders use to evaluate the property as collateral, providing a deeper understanding of the lending process.
Credit Evaluation:

Examine how lenders assess the creditworthiness of homebuyers, offering valuable information for improving credit profiles.
Occupancy Considerations:

Understand the nuances of how lenders evaluate occupancy, a crucial aspect for prospective homebuyers.
By the end of this workshop, you will acquire a wealth of information to assist millennials and first-time homebuyers in making intelligent choices in the realm of real estate. Armed with insights into market trends, financial analyses, and lender evaluations, participants will be better equipped to guide the next generation through the intricacies of home buying, fostering smarter decision-making.

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