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Explore upcoming events, featuring Continuing Education (CE) and Professional Development (PD) Classes for real estate professionals, impactful coaching sessions, and valuable networking opportunities. Elevate your skills and connections in a straightforward, dynamic environment.

Upcoming Public Classes

The concept of the mastermind group was first coined by author Napoleon Hill in his 1925 book "The Law of Success", and he described it in more detail in his 1937 book "Think and Grow Rich". We believe that by harnessing the collective wisdom and experience of a group of like-minded individuals, we can all achieve more than we could on our own. If you're looking for guidance, support, and accountability in your quest for success, a mastermind group may be just what you need.

Our Masterminds are always open to the public and we highly encourage participants to bring a friend or colleague.


Click the button below to email Danny to learn more about our ongoing Master Mind Series. 

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Pathway to Mastery - Essentials

Developed by industry legend Brian Buffini, The Pathway to Mastery is the most comprehensive, in-depth training program ever created for the real estate industry. The Pathway to Mastery™ — Essentials offers a deep dive into lead generation, working with buyers and sellers, the seven essentials of negotiation, and building a world-class business plan.

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