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Mortgage Rates 101

Why Do Rates Fluctuate


TREC Education Provider License Number: 9969

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You've probably noticed that mortgage rates are on the rise. But do you know what's causing it? We're excited to offer a new TREC CE class, "Mortgage Interest Rates 101," where we delve into the factors driving these market changes.

Course Overview:

In this class, you will learn about the various influences on mortgage rates, including the role of the Federal Reserve Board and the three significant reports that impact where interest rates are headed next.

What We Will Discuss:

  1. Influence of the Federal Reserve Board:Understand how the Federal Reserve Board's policies and decisions directly affect mortgage rates. Learn about the mechanisms through which the Fed influences the broader economy and borrowing costs.

  2. Key Economic Reports:Explore the three major economic reports that significantly impact interest rates. Gain insights into how these reports are interpreted and their implications for the real estate market.

  3. Importance of Understanding Interest Rates:Discover why it’s crucial to understand these numbers when considering borrowing costs for homes or any other investment opportunities. Learn how to analyze interest rate trends to better advise your clients and make informed investment decisions.

By the end of this class, you'll have a solid grasp of the factors affecting mortgage interest rates and the knowledge to navigate these changes effectively. Join us to enhance your expertise and provide invaluable insights to your clients and investors.

Click the link below to see when this class is coming up.
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