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Marketing by Referral

Elevate business with referral mastery.


TREC Education Provider License Number: 9969

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Elevate your business through Referral Marketing, an engaging course that combines the principles of "Stop Wasting Handshakes" and "Cultivating Your Sphere of Influence." In this immersive 2-hour Continuing Education (CE) experience, you'll explore unique strategies for establishing a referral-based business with a focus on strategic connections.

Course Highlights:

  1. 8 Step Follow Through System:Navigate the "8 Step Follow Through System," a valuable guide that demonstrates the benefits of a time-based follow-through system. Learn how to stay top-of-mind within your database and understand the intricacies of your Sphere of Influence.

  2. Powerful Marketing Tools:Uncover the 25 most powerful marketing tools that can help you maximize your referral potential and enhance your marketing efforts.

  3. Networking Challenges:Overcome networking challenges by drawing parallels to farmers tending crops. Gain a clear starting point for adding individuals, making connections, and building a robust sphere of influence.

  4. CRM Tips:Receive strategic tips on Customer Relationship Management (CRM), empowering you to set up and optimize your database effectively. Learn how to mine your database for optimal results, ensuring you make the most of your connections.

By the end of this course, you'll be equipped with actionable insights and strategies to cultivate a thriving referral-based business. Join us to enhance your networking skills, leverage powerful marketing tools, and build strong, lasting connections that drive your business forward.

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