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Mid Term Rentals

TREC Education Provider License # 9969 | Course #47855

About The Class

We have heard so much about short term rentals and long term rentals, but what about mid term rentals?
This class provides a comprehensive introduction to mid-term rentals and corporate rentals, highlighting
their pivotal role as a well-rounded real estate investment strategy while addressing an essential market
demand. Designed for real estate agents and investors seeking streamlined cash flow opportunities or
those who relish the role of a proactive problem solver, this course offers valuable insights and skills.

Real estate professionals frequently lack a comprehensive understanding of the "mid-term" rental market,
yet this approach holds significant relevance for both investors and consumers alike. The TREC CE
course creation program aims to offer an insightful exploration of the mid-term rental landscape, shedding
light on its underlying purpose, its potential as an investment strategy, and effective marketing techniques
that extend beyond conventional MLS listings.

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