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Mastering Property Tax Protests: Savings for Homeowners

Mastering Property Tax Protests: Unlock Savings for Homeowners


TREC Education Provider License Number: 9969

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In "Mastering Property Tax Protests: Unlocking Savings for Homeowners," participants will gain essential skills and knowledge to challenge property tax assessments effectively. This class provides a comprehensive guide to understanding the assessment process, reviewing assessment notices for errors, gathering compelling evidence, and preparing and presenting persuasive appeals. With expert guidance, homeowners will learn how to confidently navigate the appeals process, potentially saving significant amounts on their property taxes.

What You'll Learn:

Understanding Assessment Process:

  • How property assessments are determined.

  • Key factors influencing property valuations.

  • Reviewing Assessment Notice:

Identifying errors in property details.

  • Ensuring the accuracy of the information provided.

  • Gathering Evidence:

Collecting recent sales data for comparable properties.

  • Documenting structural issues or damages.

  • Providing evidence of declining property values in the neighborhood.

  • Preparing and Presenting Appeal:

Drafting a formal appeal letter or petition.

  • Accompanying clients to hearings and presenting evidence.

  • Negotiating with assessors or review boards.

  • Exploring options if the initial appeal is unsuccessful.

Join us to empower yourself and your clients to maximize property value and savings by mastering the property tax protest process. Unlock the potential for significant savings on property taxes and ensure fair assessments for your home.

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