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Mortgage & Real Estate Taxation

We discuss the Good, Bad & the Ugly of the new Real Estate Tax Laws and how it affects your clients.

TREC Education Provider License # 10155 | Course # 41140

What is Mortgage & Real Estate Taxation?

In this course, we share real-life examples of how you can help your clients evaluate their real estate options in a way that’s fully compliant with federal tax laws and regulations.

During this 3-hour workshop we'll discuss:
How the mortgage interest deduction works on primary homes and vacation homes, and how this impacts the client’s mortgage and real estate strategy
How recent changes to the standard deduction and SALT deductions impact first-time homebuyers and move-up homebuyers
How to make better use of the primary residence exclusion to the capital gains tax
How the 3.8% investment tax works, who needs to pay it and when it needs to be paid
How the capital gains tax works when people convert their primary home into a rental property and vice versa
How rental income, depreciation, capital gains, and capital losses are taxed on investment properties
How the gift tax works, who needs to pay it and when it needs to be paid
How to make better use of the annual and lifetime exclusions to the gift tax when clients use gift money for a down payment
How tax basis works and why it matters

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