Roofing & Real Estate 101

About The Class

The roof on a home can make a break a transaction. Whether from the buyer's side or the seller's they all want the same thing. A successful  transaction.  In a relationship-focused business like realty, a professional roofer can help this transaction go smoothly.  One of the most frustrating  experiences for everyone involved during a real estate transaction is when it gets delayed while waiting for outside parties. During this class we will discuss the in's and out's of how a roof can affect a real estate transaction.

We will cover:

  • The fundamental roofing materials in Central Texas – Strengths. Life Expectancy. Inspection Terms to Pay Attention to.
  • Why is granule loss so common in shingles? Going over the effects of heat, wind, hail, and other factors.
  • The factors determine whether a roof should be replaced in a real estate transaction. – Options for Buyer & Seller positions. Who determines if it needs to be replaced vs repaired.
  • Should you have a certified roofer or licensed home inspector inspect the roof? Types of roof inspections. Length of experience.

TREC Education Provider License # 9969 | Course # 41684

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