Marketing by Referral

Build your network and farm your SOI.

What is Marketing By Referral?

Marketing By Referral is a combination class of Stop Wasting Handshakes and Farming your Sphere of Influence. During this 2 Hour CE Class, we go through the unique principles of building a "By Referral" based business where we go through a strategic approach to connecting with people rather than communicating with them.

We will go through an “8 Step Follow Through System” that will teach you the benefits of having a strategic time-based follow-through system during this class. You will learn the tips of staying top of mind with your database, the multiple layers of your Sphere of Influence, plus the 25 most used marketing weapons.

As networkers, we are told to add people to our databases, make connections, build a sphere. However, we are often lost on what and where to begin. This class will teach you how building a network is a lot like how farmers work their crops.

In addition, you will learn strategic CRM Tips on how to set up and mine your database.

TREC Education Provider License # 9969 | Course # 42915

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